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Dr. Christauria Welland has dedicated much of her clinical career to the international efforts to reduce and eradicate intimate partner violence (IPV), also known as domestic violence (Biography). Since she has worked in Latin America or with Latinos in the United States since 1976. Dr. Welland’s focus is on the treatment and prevention of IPV in Latin America, especially Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, and among Latinos in the United States. She is also connected to universities, NGO’s and dioceses in Uganda and South India who are working to end IPV among their people. In 2015 she was an invited speaker at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia on the topic of family violence, and she launched a new initiative, Pax in Familia,  an international Catholic ministry dedicated to peace, and to the prevention of violence and abuse in Catholic families. Her new book, How can we help to end violence in Catholic families? A guide for clergy, religious and laity, is available in 6 languages from the author, and for free download online at www.paxinfamilia.org 

Dr. Welland has worked and done research in the field of Latino IPV since 1995, and has published several books and articles on the topic, in English and Spanish(Books & Articles). After working with female victims in Mexico and the United States since the 1970’s, Dr. Welland became aware that the most effective way to change family violence is to treat the perpetrator of the violence, as well as to focus on prevention.

On this website readers will be able to find a list of what Dr. Welland has published (Books & Articles) and her recent and upcoming workshops and conferences in Latin America (Workshops). Dr. Welland is close to retirement from her private practice and is not taking new patients, but former patients may contact her if needed (Appointments).