About Dr. Welland

Christauria_portraitChristauria Welland, Psy.D. (California license PSY 17166), originally from Canada, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Solana Beach, California. She also has an outpatient hospital practice at the South Bay Rehabilitation Center, Paradise Valley Hospital in National City, CA. In 2015 Dr. Welland spoke on the topic of family violence at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, USA. In 2010 she was named to the Advisory Committee of the American Psychological Association’s Task Force on Immigration. In September 2008, she received a Fulbright Specialist grant, to teach at universities in Mexico (UNAM and the Universidad Iberoamericana) and Peru (Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, Arequipa and Universidad Privada de Tacna) on the topic of intimate partner violence (IPV) and the treatment of violent men. Dr. Welland and her husband, Michael Akong, licensed acupuncturist, have been engaged in voluntary ministry with migrant workers at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in Rancho Peñasquitos, San Diego, since 1992. Prior to that, she spent 19 years as a social worker with an international organization, and as such, witnessed the effects of spousal violence on various continents. Dr. Welland made partner abuse the topic of her doctoral studies, and has conducted further research on IPV among Latinos through the University of San Diego. She was Adjunct Faculty at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in San Diego from 2004 – 2016, where she taught the doctoral-level licensure course on intimate partner violence. She is also trained as an interpreter and translator in English/Spanish and presents material in both languages.

Working with partner abusive Latino men since 1995, Dr. Welland wrote and published a Spanish-language treatment program specifically for them, Sin Golpes: Como transformar la respuesta violenta del hombre en la pareja y la familia [Without Abuse: How to transform the violent response of men in the couple and the family]. The program is a cultural adaptation of the STOP Domestic Violence Program, by David B. Wexler, Ph.D. (Norton, 2013), who mentored Dr. Welland in the field. Sin Golpes and an accompanying workbook for the client were published in Mexico City in 2007 for distribution in the United States and Latin America. A second, updated edition is expected to be published by 2018. Dr. Welland published Healing from Violence: Latino Men’s Journey to a New Masculinity in 2008 (Springer, NY). She is currently collaborating on a Spanish version of a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program for victims of IPV (Fruzzetti, 2009), which is being piloted in San Diego, with an included treatment outcome evaluation. In 2015, she authored How can we help to end violence in Catholic families? A guide for clergy, religious and laity. This book was subsequently translated into five languages and was printed for the World Meeting of Families, Philadelphia, USA, and for the participants in the Synod on the Family in Rome, October 2015. It is available from the author and online for free download at http://www.paxinfamilia.orgPax in Familia is an international Catholic ministry founded by Dr. Welland and dedicated to peace and to the prevention of violence and abuse in Catholic families. A second edition will be published in 2018, containing many quotations from H. H. Pope Francis on intimate partner violence.

Dr. Welland presents on the topic of IPV and does intensive workshops at universities, conferences, and for state governments in the United States, Mexico (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puebla, Chihuahua, Durango, San Luis Potosi, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Veracruz, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada), Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, South India and Uganda. She was selected as a mentor for the American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program in Washington in 2008. She was trained as a facilitator for the ACT program in Spanish at the American Psychological Association in Washington, DC in 2006. She offers trainings to adults, young people and children on recognizing and preventing partner violence in the community and in their relationships. Clinic personnel and health workers (promotores de salud) respond enthusiastically to these discussions and trainings. She has authored and piloted a research-based 8-week violence prevention program for Latino parents in San Diego area schools and churches since 2005. This program was published in Mexico in 2010, with a version for Catholic couples published in 2011.

Because Dr. Welland has worked with the very poor and uneducated for most of her life, she is well prepared to present not only to professionals in the healthcare fields, but also to adapt the information for instruction and treatment with those who have lacked educational opportunities. Dr. Welland is an advocate for qualitative enquiry, through listening to the voice of the poor and the cultural experiences of those who are in the field, to co-design interventions that will be most effective. Her trainings include a strong preference for interactive education and discussion, as well as extensive pre-training study on her part specific to the region or country she will be visiting. If your organization is interested in sponsoring a workshop to be presented by Dr. Welland please contact drchristauriawelland@gmail.com for details.

Upcoming trainings:

Oaxaca, Mexico, August 2017. Sin Golpes workshop (Spanish)

Quito, Ecuador. November, 2017. Sin Golpes workshop (Spanish); Pax in Familia workshop (Spanish)

October – November, 2018: Pax in Familia workshops (English) in Southern and East Africa

Dr. Welland and her husband are the founders of the Oaxaca Education Fund, which is an offshoot of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish’s 30 years of service to migrant workers from Oaxaca, Mexico who for decades worked in agriculture in Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego. http://www.oaxacaeducationfund.org